CMKX Radio Show

The Voice of the CMKX Shareholder 

CMKX Shareholders now have a Voice and a Blog.


“Tune-In and Call-Me” M-F @ 1PM EST

CFRN is heard live in 20 countries daily. Our podcasts have been ranked #1 by Now it’s your turn. You’ve poured your heart out on the forums, you’ve ranted and raved in PalTalk, now it’s time to Tell the World what’s really going on.

The CMKX Blog and Radio Talk Show is NOT dedicated to CMKX. It it dedicated to the CMKX Shareholder. Not to Cramer, the Uber-Rich, the Crooked Politican, the Greedy Hedge Fund Players, or their Naked Short Bedfellows. It is dedicated to you, the backbone of America, the heartland, to the men and women of the greatest nation on earth. You rose early, worked hard, paid your taxes, and against all odds you dared to dream the American Dream. You are brave, you have integrity, you didn’t give up, you stared into the abyss of the Circle of Greed and shook your fist. You said “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.” You requested your certs, sent faxes, mailed congressman, and marched in the streets. Now, the world will know! You have raised a standard that will go down in history and Wall Street will be, forever changed.

Blog ettiquete is addressed in the About section. That’s it! The gloves are off and the party is about to get started. Our launch date for the first show is Monday March 26, 2007. Mainstream media will follow this Blog as well as the “CMKX Call-In Hour”.

The stage is set – for YOU to make a difference!

Post your best thoughts here and receive a special CFRN Invitation!

Let the Blogging begin…………….

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    please join all the global settlement advocates at this page on facebook. Tell us CMKX how you feel…promote your show. We need members to help fortify our march. Solidarity!

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